Natural Selection Reveals Fan Tan Canada Online Gambling Sites With Real-Time Gaming

Specialty game aficionados at Canada’s top live casinos now have access to an exciting new product from Evolution that has its roots in ancient China. The service provider disclosed that Live Fan Tan would debut in the middle of September.

Fan Tan is a popular Chinese game that uses beads instead of cards or dice like the more common Sic Bo and Baccarat. In the game, the dealer divides a stack of beads into smaller and smaller piles until there are just a few left. Bets are placed based on how many beads are still in play.

Players that tune in virtually will be transported to a luxurious studio where a dealer sorts the beads into lines of four using a metal cup and a unique stick. When not in use, the beads are protected by domes made of glass.

According to Todd Haushalter, chief product officer at a live casino in Canada, the new edition is a respectful portrayal of a game that has been mostly forgotten by current audiences. He went on to say that Live Fan Tan will interest both new players and Baccarat enthusiasts looking for a change of pace.

Regarding the Match

Players can set their own skill level in Evolution’s Live Fan Tan. They can choose from basic betting packages or more complex ones that provide them greater leeway in placing wagers.

One of the primary wagering questions is “How many beads will remain in the final line that the dealer forms on the table?” One, two, three, or even four beads may come out of it. Bets can be made on individual numbers or on Big, Small, Odd, or Even combinations. The Nim bet and its variants, the Kwok bets, and the Sheh-sam-hong (Ssh) bets are all examples of the more complex wagering strategies available.


Players in the live casino in Canada can select from a number of betting options and two different gaming views. The provider recommends the standard view for newcomers, while the advanced view is more suitable for seasoned veterans. Live betting stats, detailed stats, and the most current game results are also available.


Some Background

Fan Tan, according to some historians, originated in China between the third and fourth century, during the reigns of the Northern and Southern dynasties. During the Qing period, the game spread to the southern part of the country, where it was played under the names ynqián, tnx, and others.


In the 1800s, the game was popularized and given the name “Fan Tan.” Cantonese immigrants to America in the 1850s introduced the game to the rest of the Western world.


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