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Sunglasses–Vital for Self-Expression

Apart from the obvious point of protecting the eyes and delicate skin around the eyes from sun damage, sunglasses are the in your face statement of style.

I confess to neglecting this obvious factor of the “statement power” of a good pair of shades.  But, no more!  Although Victoria isn’t my favorite style icon because of her “prissiness” factor, which takes away from a “coolness vibe” in my opinion; still, she does sunglasses completely right.

So, hats off to you Victoria for shedding the light on just how to don a pair of stunning sunglasses.

And…how many times can I say Cutler & Gross??  These, my friend, are the Sunglasses brand to invest in, that will pay dividends for years.

But, if you like variety, Victoria offers several other options sure to please even the pickiest of shade shoppers.

Victoria’s Lunettes de Soleil – Shining examples of elegant sunglasses

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  1. Cutler and Gross huh? I myself am a Persol fan. I love the history, functionality and style of them. You know, though, I hadn’t thought of it before, but Persol does seem to cater ever so slightly more to men than women.

    August 9, 2012

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