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Q – Cumbered for Fresh Eyes

Summer is heating up all around the world and I am reminded of the special home brewed “spa treatments” I did as a little girl.

Surely, even Grace Kelly placed cucumbers over her eyes for a little self-pampering?

To add a little brightness to your eyes and to steal a little time to relax (and feel cool as a cucumber)…why not drop some sliced cucumbers on ice and apply to the eyes for 15 – 20 minutes?  It’s a beautiful idea recycled from days gone by.

What is the advantage of this summery, crisp, succulent wonder?

Cucumbers have a similar pH as our skin, which helps to restore our protective acid mantle.  And don’t forget, cucumbers also contain amino acids.  They have a cooling effect and offer a gentle astringent of alpha-hydroxy acids to soften, tone, and nourish skin stressed from exposure to the harsher elements of life (sun, dirt, stress, sleep deprivation).

Optimistically perhaps, but theoretically these green marvels tighten pores, reduce eye puffiness, and reveal a radiant, dewy-fresh look when applied to the skin.  OK, I admit, that is laying it on a little thick, but hey…the point is that cucumbers are just cool.

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