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Emphasis : Keep it to ONE thing

Attitudes direct actions.  Two famously good displays of attitude are expressed by Wells and Wintour:


One accessory does the job 

“Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn”
― Orson Welles

“Create your own style… let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”
― Anna Wintour

The way of presenting oneself can be just as much about the attitude possessed as the wardrobe selected.  And the two (wardrobe with attitude) tend to go hand-in-hand.  To get to the point of raising the bar in regard to style, we should possess the will of sincere and real self-expression sans sheep herding, trend-following mentality.  Wells and Wintour display this example of perspective perfectly, and show us how strength of thought which leads to overt action in presenting our best selves, can be a virtue.

One way strength in resolve can be expressed outwardly is by emphasizing a certain physical feature or even a specific article of clothing, while playing down other features or clothing.

For example, some women have an implicit knack for emphasizing either the mouth or eyes.  But notice that precisely one, not both physical features are emphasized at a time.  Here Keira Knightley’s shows a strong yet delicate play on her eyes, while playing down her other features:

Conversely, Michele Williams gives the mouth focus while keeping other facial features subtle:

Hyper-focusing on an article of clothing can most certainly have a memorable effect.  A man with a propensity towards highlighting his tie choice and playing down complimentary garments is a prime result of this method:

Burberry is notoriously good at the art of hyper-focusing, as is the case with Cara Delevingne sporting strong eyes and displaying the Burberry timepiece, with other clothing and features taking a quieter tone:

This art of hyper-focusing can be likened to a solo performance contrasted with an orchestra rendition.  Both are quite good, but it is at times the solo that is most remembered.

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