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An Accidental Street Shot–Amsterdam, back in Summer, 2012

I didn’t intend to take a street shot.

I was only trying to capture the beauty of this amazing city of Amsterdam with a quick iPhone  photo, a few weeks ago.

And yesterday, I looked at my photos and guess what had suddenly appeared in the frame?

A fairly well-dressed gentleman (notice his pocket square), biking to his destination, as most people do in Amsterdam, with a particularly stylish woman in the background.

21 thoughts on “An Accidental Street Shot–Amsterdam, back in Summer, 2012 Leave a comment

  1. Fantastic for an accidental exposure. A good contrast of colour, and you’ve managed to capture a characteristic view of Amsterdam–lovely architecture and a love for cycling. It might have been an accident, but bravo nonetheless!

  2. Wonderfully captured!!! (especially if that man in the picture sheer fluke. :P) Yes, I agree ..he is pretty well-dressed! 🙂
    For me, this also brought back memories of the time when I first realized that I am passionate about photography. A serendipitous capture of a “danger board sign” (duh! of all things!) while capturing a scenic nature pic on my school hiking trip in Grade 6. No one knew where it came from! Now when I look at that pic I can’t stop laughing! 😀

  3. Lovely blog! Is that you on the About page? Very pretty; very style-ish, and great idea-ish, this blogspace. Thanks for visiting my blog and the follow. I look forward to keeping up with you as well! xLaura

  4. To Iconicallyrare –

    Thanks for stopping by at my site and offering a comment. After doing the moderation to get your comment published on my site, I clicked on your name and found my way here. What a surprise. This is an excellent example of how little we can control in our lives. We never ever know when we might have to share our space – even if it isn’t really ours and the sharing is over in the proverbial flash. I’ll be in Amsterdam in forty days.


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