I’m not an awards-type person, but like having the chance to recommend addictive blogs.

These awards on WordPress seem strange because how can you win an award just because one person says so?

Still, this “Addictive Blog Award” is appealing.  I suppose if someone is addicted to your writing, it means that you’ve tapped into something good that resonates with and is recognized by someone who finds himself or herself wanting more.  This is a great compliment, I can’t deny it.

Coincidentally (or not if you believe there are no accidents), two bloggers sent me this specific award in back-to-back comments on my Iconicallyrare “About” page…

…And, it felt like the stars were somehow aligning, and I needed to respond, so here goes.

“Heaven’s Path” in Ireland…where the stars appear to line up with the path (courtesy Gagbay, Heaven of gagbay addicts)

To accept, I must post the awards on this page, tell who sent the awards, write about why I blog and then recommend others (up to 10) and notify them that they have been awarded.

“Thanks” for the award goes to GNOSTIC BENT who has been Freshly-Pressed early on in his blogging experience and continues to write features that will grab your attention immediately after the first sentence.

And another thank you for the award goes to  Dear Ms. Migraine who writes with abandon about the challenges she faces when her body’s refuses to cooperate with her own desire to be healthy and happy.

Why do I write here? The reason is a bit intense, but I’ll tell you why:

I write or I die.  It sounds dramatic but the thing is that writing is my voice…if I stifle my voice I can feel myself fade and wither and become part of some distant group of atoms that are absorbing into a world outside of myself, and becoming lost like bubbles popping and blending into a distant atmosphere.

When I write I become distinct, my fuse contacts its source, my charge is amped up to full capacity, my cerebral self feeds the core of my soul…and I feel like I more than exist, I more than survive–now I am alive.

And now for the most important part…recommending writing that is stellar and iconic, and yes, addictive.

The Addictive Blog Award goes to:

1. Higher Thinking Primate – Hands down the most diverse blogger I’ve read here.  I’ve never received a return like or a comment from Higher Thinking Primate and sometimes wonder if he or she is a man/woman/ or machine… but with quality like this, who cares?

2. Unbound Boxes Limping Gods – Cheryl Moore is pure genius.  I visit her stories and illustrations, and find it difficult to leave.  Once you open the door and view her creations, you will understand.

3. Making a Movable Feast – Some people write so clearly and use pictures so well that you feel like you lived their words.  Emily does this for me…An ode to Hemingway, and thank you, Emily.

4. The Monsieur – Classic information on men’s style with visuals that have a timeless sharp edge.

5. Parisian Gentleman – Kind enough to feature me as a guest blogger, this monumental online men’s magazine has had almost 4 million hits and is a (if not the) key reference on how to be a gentleman.  Motto: First learn the rules, then break them.

6. Through Healing Lens – Robyn Lee will bend your mind with her story of being a gorgeous woman with a bountiful life and the moment that everything turned on a dime, but didn’t change her indomitable spirit.  She tells how she persevered  through insurmountable challenges and is finally finding a place of peace.

7.Alexandra Nour – This person is hilarious and sometimes I need to laugh.

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32 thoughts on “The Thing About Awards

    • You’re welcome, Jonathan, and I received a “pingback” regarding your mentioning me on your site (thank you).

      I noticed you are Group Editor/ Digital Content for “The Rake in Brief”. Are you affiliated directly with The Rake magazine, or do you work independently, apart from the The Rake and report on their magazine content?

      Either way, your writing indicates you are a person of substantial knowledge and great style and I’m glad to follow your work.


  1. Sonya thank you so much for this lovely honor — and congratulations! Have been enjoying your blog immensely here ~ beautiful spirit!! ~ Sending warm thoughts your way!! ~Robyn Lee

  2. Pingback: Menswear 2013: Ovadia & Sons Spring Summer Collection « The Monsieur

  3. The quote you inserted on why you write…wow…if every writer (if only in little tiny diaries around the world)…didn’t resonate with that explanation. That was powerful and genuine; thank you for sharing. I love that an Addictive Blog award exists. I have several that I can’t help clicking through. I opened all the blogs you mentioned and love each one. Thanks for the post and the referrals for other addictve blogs.

  4. Kudos to you and I LOVE that Heaven’s Path picture! I’m not big on awards either, I can see their purpose but people just reading my blog is award enough for me.

  5. So very remarkable this ability to ping about the planet and become immediately a part of someone else’s life…to see the world through another’s eyes. I believe the awards benefit rests with this serendipitous connecting of souls (besides the reward of acceptance and acknowledgement). So glad you introduced me to this variety of interesting bloggers. Thank you and congratulations, Nikki

  6. Sweetheart I love your quote about why you write. I too feel I will die if I don’t write. It is what I live for. Some days it’s the only reason I can make it. I love your writing, I will be sure to read it all of the time.

  7. Accepting an award is not easy, for many reasons. Your acceptance ‘speech’ is RIGHT ON. Fun, unique, thoughful, and I love checking out the other bloggers you passed the award to. Thanks!

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