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How to Choose the Right Shirt Collar for Your Face

29e5e3f0393456a3a26099a21a366772--women-in-suits-tie-womenThe collar of a shirt may seem like it is a small part of  the overall look of an ensemble, and choosing a shirt collar may feel like a simple choice based on personal taste.

Still, it is hard to ignore, once aware of how the wrong choice of a shirt collar can distract from an otherwise good appearance, how choosing the correct shirt collar in proportion with the head shape and size can polish and enhance overall appearance.

The method of choosing the right shirt collar is fairly simple and involves knowing head shape and size, followed by choosing the right shirt collar to harmonize with these proportions.

The formula is simple:

* with a large head and wider head shape, choose long and narrow collars to offset the wider head shape and size.

* with a narrow head and slimmer head shape, choose wider collars and cut-aways to balance the thinness of the face.

* with a balanced head size and shape, anything goes.

To assist in choosing the correct shirt collar, here are two diagrams—one of head shapes and sizes, and the other of collar choices:



By mentally extracting the heads from the above chart and placing them on the shirt collar chart below, you can instantly know which combinations work, and which do not.

To follow with an example, notice how Leonardo DiCaprio’s head is large and squarish, and how selecting a long and narrow shirt collar balances his wider proportions and results in a completely correct overall look:

In contrast, notice how Tobey McGuire’s head is slender and more triangular. Also fitted with a long and narrow shirt collar, we quickly see the fault of how this shirt collar dominates an otherwise fairly nice ensemble, as the head is much too small for such a long and vast collar mass.

Once this formula is understood, choosing the correct shirt collar that compliments the proportions of the head/face can be a great piece of arsenal in fine-tuning the overall look and feel of an ensemble.
Any fool can know. The point is to understand.” ~ Albert Einstein

9 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Shirt Collar for Your Face Leave a comment

  1. Thank you, this is an interesting point of fashion and something I’ve never thought about particularly. I do have to say that I have a hard time seeing that the collar is wrong for Toby McGuire’s head shape. Maybe it is that his face seems rather oval to me rather than slender, but it’s a good thing to consider.

  2. great post, a topic not mentioned perhaps enough! i also think it is worth noting not only is it the angle that is important but also the length of the ‘leading edge’

  3. Article and topic are much needed, but it stopped too short. Connect the dots for me–suggest what shape goes with which collar. Are there any rules of thumb to avoid? I imagine I will pull this article up the next time I’m standing in the dress shirt section at Macy’s. Thanks!

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