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Craps rules for newbies

Long before the first virtual casino appeared, gambling people already knew about Craps. This dynamic and fun game has its own rules and strategies that are worth learning before you start a casino battle. Today, many virtual platforms offer customers this original entertainment. Online casino allows users to compete in Craps not only for money, but also in a test mode. But before you start the game, learn its rules and the odds that are presented here.

Craps rules

How to play Craps and what are the odds?

Any game in a modern casino, no matter how easy it may seem, always has its own set of rules. These main principles and strategies should be known to anyone who wants to achieve success in the round. Craps rules are not as complex as it may seem for dummies at first glance. Even if you are still new to the casino, you will only need a few minutes to master the tactics of this gambling entertainment.

In any game, there are also certain odds that show the probability of the gamer winning a round. There are such chances in an online Craps as well. You can find out about these coefficients on virtual gaming portals. These can be tables that contain all the possible combinations of a gambling match, as well as the odds of getting a particular result.

To learn how to play Craps, remember the basic Craps rules. At the beginning of the round, players choose a shooter who will roll the dice. If this is a virtual game, the shooter is an automatic dealer of an online casino. Craps is played with two dice, the faces of which are numbered from 1 to 6. The key point in this game is bets. Gameplay in online Craps goes depending on the amount of money that is dropped on the dice. The main bets in Craps are Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. The chances of winning in Craps are higher than in Roulette. The casino commission in case of a player winning in Craps is lower than in Roulette.

Craps rules and odds can be briefly described as follows:

  • If you bet the Pass line or Come, according to Craps rules, the casino advantage is equal to 1,414%;
  • Don’t Pass Line gives to a casino 1.402% of advantage;
  • Six and eight have a 5/6 probability, a 5/6 payout, and 4% of house advantage;
  • Four or 10 have a 2/1 probability and a 2/1 payout, the house advantage is 4.76%;
  • 3 or 2 give to house an advantage – 4.76%.

Online Craps odds are indicators of what advantage the casino has in the game and what are the gamer’s chances of getting a bankroll. By comparing the true odds of a bet in a round with the final payout, the casino client can see the probability of winning.

Instructions for online Craps

A few useful tips will help you to decide on the best Craps rules strategy. Try to practice the recommendations that are given in the instructions below.

Short, but incredibly effective instructions for a successful Craps round:

  1. If you immediately decided to play Craps for money, then calculate your budget before the game starts. This will protect you from unnecessary financial losses;
  2. Always choose a Craps rules strategy and stick to it. If you started playing aggressively, then keep playing this way;
  3. Before the start of a Craps match, make a decision about the size of each your bet;
  4. Professional Craps players claim that in this game it only makes sense to raise the bet, not lower it.
Craps rules game

Virtual Craps is now available at many casino sites. Therefore, a lot of strategies have already been developed for this wonderful game. Some of them are very effective. You can’t become a brilliant and successful player if you bet at random. You need a good strategy and the ability to use it.

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