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Craps strategy, what is it all about?

Craps is a game of a chance where every betting option has its own odds and therefore payouts. It means that a player has to choose the best, one out of twenty-two options that will hit the win. Alternatively, safe craps strategy has to be made when in a sequence of bets one becomes successful that recovers losses and fixes a certain winning amount of money. Therefore it means that the odds have to be known and the probability of getting the desired bet has to be calculated.

Checklist of strategies that re recommended by experienced gamblers

If the player is not experienced, it is recommended to play on chances with the two basic options “Pass the line” as well as “do not pass the line” bets. These are two basic bets that are paid 1:1. This craps strategy is not very complex in finding out how to win this game. It is roughly the same as black or white in the roulette with slightly different odds. So, playing the game with the approach of playing chances is the best and very simple way to get regular wins. People are advised to use one of the following strategies:

craps strategy
  1. Positive progression strategy, which also known as Paroli where after the loss the same amount is placed on the same bet and in the case of a win the amount is doubled until the actual win is fixed;
  2. Negative progression is also known as the Martingale strategy. It works the opposite way of positive progression and is perceived as more efficient. After the loss, the doubled amount is the bet in the same place. If win ids not fixed, players must repeat doubling of the last bet and so on;
  3. Fibonacci is the strategy when the next bet is greater than the previous one by two. Simply double before the win is hit and all losses are recovered;
  4. Labouchere is the same as Martingale but the payer has to wait for the sequence of outcomes. For example, there was 3 pass the line bet wins in a row or more (the player has to decide after what number of sequences to bet). Then, the probability of hitting doesn’t pass the line is higher than ever. So, use the Martingale strategy on that bet after the sequence of opposite outcomes.

For the rest of the bets casino craps strategy, players need to look at the odds. For instance, a bet on “Any 7” was not hit for the last five rounds. It has the odds of 5-1 and pays 4:1, so why not to risk and use Martingale strategy from this moment. The same applies to other bets depended on their odds and payouts.

Play craps in Canada with the best strategy

There are plenty of wonderful gambling resources in Canada that offer fantastic time whilst playing craps. The casinos offer marvelous bonuses and excellent terms and conditions. Players should stick with the following strategic approach whilst playing craps:

  • A goal must be preset;
  • A gambler has to decide what bankroll is prepared to be devoted;
  • Arrange how many turns player has to wait for using Martingale strategy and for what bet;
  • Get the odds and payouts for each bet ready;
  • Prepare the sequences numbers after which the player is prepared to use Martingale strategy;

If playing on chances, prepare to commit to a win-together approach because playing on chances with the person who rolls the dice is regarded as the best how to win craps strategy to play everywhere, including Canada.

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