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Free Blackjack – an amazing entertainment with no charges and risks

All variants of shareware hazardous entertainments are always of a great request and popularity among gamblers society. And free Blackjack isn’t an exception to the rules. Online casinos are specified more on real money table games, but some well-advanced sources offer variants, which are out of charge. It’s natural that Blackjack online free type can be met at the most of the casinos. Players can try own skills at European, Vegas Strip, Perfect Pairs, Free Bet game and some others. And in spite of having practically the same structure, each mentioned variant has some unique features.

free blackjack

Free bet Blackjack – the essence and the main features

Free bet Blackjack is quite a young type of the game, established in 2012. Of course, the basic rules are the same as other variants of the entertainment have. And there’s no wonder and there are no reasons to break something that works well. So, the main peculiarities of this new game are mentioned below.

  • There are 6 decks are used in this type of free Blackjack.
  • A dealer takes a card when there are soft 17 points.
  • Blackjack is paid under the odds 3:2.
  • Double option is available on any of 2 cards, including the situation after the split is made.
  • Re-split of any card (including Aces) is permitted.
  • Surrender isn’t available.
  • ”Free” double options are available, if a player has 9, 10 or 11 points on the hand. // When a gambler makes a free double, a special button is set against the bet, and an additional card is dealt. If a player doesn’t succeed, only the first bet is lost. If there’s a draw, the starting bet is returned. And if a gambler wins, the starting bet together with 2 other bets are received.
  • ”Regular doubles” can be used at any other score.
  • Free splits are permitted only if there’s not a pair of 10s. If a player makes a split, the starting bet is put on the first hand, while the second hand is posted by a button. Every hand is played separately. In such a case, each of two hands can be doubled for free, if the summary of the points is 9, 10 or 11.
  • If a dealer collects 22 points, all other hands with no bust are deemed to be draw ones (not winning ones as it is in a regular Blackjack).
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As it can be seen, the main advantages of this type of Blackjack is an opportunity to split and double for free. Another attractive feature is that standard Blackjack has a house edge at the rate of 1,15 %, while free bet type of the entertainment is “supported” by casinos only by 1,04 % of house edge. At the same time, players should remember that, while choosing free bet game, they give a chance to a dealer not to play away when there are 22 points on the hand.

Free Blackjack video games with no download requirements

As it was mentioned before, many gambling sites offer free Blackjack in this or that variety of the game. The most popular types of this exciting entertainment are: European, Vegas Strip, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Perfect Pairs, Free Bets Blackjack and some others. Well, below are the gambling sources with different varieties of the game in their libraries.

  • Redstag Casino offers Classic Blackjack, Vegas Single Deck variant, Atlantic city game and some other free Blackjack “categories”/
  • Ignition Casino welcomes every fan of Blackjack with such types as: Classic, Perfect Pairs, Single Deck and so forth.
  • Fair Go Casino contains all popular variants of Blackjack, which can be played absolutely for free.
  • MAX Casino is one of few online casinos, which mostly target the followers of Blackjack. That’s why all more or less popular types of the game are represented at this quite a new gambling source.

There are many interesting places, where it’s possible to play Blackjack for free. It’s just a matter of taste and preferences. But, in any case, there won’t be any issues to find a favorite game floating around the Internet.

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