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Blackjack rules for Canadian gamers and basic steps of winning 21

Blackjack is one of the most popularized entertainments among all games that can be found in casinos. It is also known under the name “21”. Blackjack’s unique feature is that no matter how many gamers participate in one game at one table, the whole competition happens solely between two sides – the side of the gamer and the side of the casino representative.

blackjack rules online

Canadian gamers know a lot of various online versions of blackjack that differ in the quantity of used decks from one to eight or in some specifics such as extra card or soft 17. However, all existing variants still follow the same goal where the gamer needs to beat the casino representative by:

  1. obtaining a hand that is estimated more than the hand of the casino representative;
  2. obtaining a hand that is estimated 21 to beat any hand of the casino representative except the same one;
  3. getting the situation where the hand of the casino representative is estimated more than 21.
  4. all participants decide their bets within the table limits and place virtual chips on the appropriate circles;
  5. then all gamers obtain two revealed cards, and the casino representative places one revealed and one concealed card in front of him;
  6. the turn goes to participants and they evaluate their chances considering the known card of the casino representative and proceed with a particular move;
  7. the casino representative opens his cards and also makes his move according to blackjack rules in this casino;
  8. all cards are evaluated – a 2-10 get points as their nominal, faces get 10 points, an ace gets 10 or 1; and sums are compared.
  9. Stand – the gamer decides to do nothing and the turn goes to the next participant or to the casino representative;
  10. Hit – the gamer decides to claim an extra card from the casino representative; he can ask for an extra card as many times as he wants until he becomes satisfied with his combo or busts over 21;
  11. Double Down – the gamer decides to increase his wager if he likes the combo on his hand; there can be different conditions for such a move: the gamer can obtain another card or he needs to have only a particular total for it or the move can be done anyway;
  12. Split Pairs – the gamer decides to detach his card combo in two combos if he gets two cards of one value;
  13. Surrender – the gamer decides to stop the round and obtain only half of his wager back.
blackjack rules

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