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How to play Blackjack and win every time

There is nothing special or magical about learning how to win at a casino. To become a winner in a gambling game one day, you only need to act correctly: choose the most profitable games, carefully learn the basic rules, master top strategies and listen to expert advice. Online Blackjack, according to statistics, is the most “giving” game at the virtual casino. The home advantage in this game is minimal. So if you want to know how to play Blackjack and win, then believe that it is quite possible to achieve!

Instructions for newbies, who play Blackjack at home

How to play Blackjack

Are you still staying at home, but truly wish to diversify your leisure time? Then try to play the game 21 points. Now you can do it directly on your PC’s browser. You don’t even have to download the game app for your device. Gambling has never been so easy and affordable!

In any game, the main thing are the rules. Once you have mastered the basic principles of the game, start learning the best strategies that will lead you to victory. Modern gaming platforms allow users to run Blackjack in a test format and learn how to play Blackjack like a pro without money risks.

If you are just a beginner for online casino and decided to become a professional Blackjack player, then you should know where and how to play Blackjack. There is a useful instruction for you. Follow it and one day you will not only master the game 21 better than anyone else, but also be able to win a big bankroll.

The basic rules of virtual Blackjack:

  • The game is played between a dealer and a player. At Blackjack, players do not compete with each other;
  • Each gamer will receive cards from the dealer, and then collect a hand with the optimal amount of points (best of all 21 points);
  • Main thing in how to play Blackjack for beginners is not to allow cards busting;
  • In order to play 21 game well, you should learn to count cards quickly in your mind.

Today, online Blackjack is available at any casino site. Choose the licensed platforms and enjoy a game 21 points at home!

Top strategies by Blackjack professionals

What is the difference between a professional casino player and a beginner? First of all, the fact that an expert of the game knows how to play Blackjack online and use the best strategies that often lead to a victory. Any casino game has its own characteristics, knowing which you will quickly achieve the most wanted result.

If you want to know how to play Blackjack at home, then learn some strategies that have proven effective in practice many times. The best ways to play 21 game are:

  1. Basic strategy with which you minimize any risks of losing. To do this, there are special tables with combinations that you can find on the Internet and use them in a game. The point of the basic Blackjack method is not to allow cards busting;
  2. Technique of card counting. Assign a value to each card and keep a count throughout the game. This technique is ideal for playing Blackjack with live dealers;
  3. Strategy of doubling. This way of playing allows you to double your bet after you have received the starting combination of cards. According to this strategy, the payout for a winning combination increases;
  4. Strategy for splitting pairs. Split can be done when a dealer has dealt you two identical cards, after which you get two independent hands instead of one, doubling the initial bet.

Try to use one of these strategies in your home Blackjack game and may be very soon you will turn from a beginner to a Pro!

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Free slots online and offline modes

As soon as Internet came in our world, gambling entertainment industry switched to a virtual format at the same time. Slot machines at online casinos are great options to visit the gaming halls, where hundreds of innovative slots presented. At a virtual casino you can play for cash and without money.

Free slots games

This is the main advantage of the virtual format. Online free slots work the same way as land-based club games. In order to participate in the free slots round, you only need to launch a PC, mobile phone or laptop. Also, today you can install any game app with free slots for your device and fight offline.

Top slots December 2020

Modern online casinos are a unique development of the best providers. Thanks to a great work of IT designers, an online casino has all the same options as a land-based club. Players of the virtual club get the same pleasure from the gameplay as visitors of the land-based club.

Famous virtual clubs of 2020 offer each of us an endless drive and amazing emotions. At the casino platforms, you will find innovative video slots both paid and free formats. From now on, people can play card and table games without leaving home. Top virtual casinos 2020 offer hundreds of new products by the best developers of computer software. Virtual casino aims to meet the needs of each client.

Free slots

Nowadays you can play at mobile phones and it will be a great gaming experience for you. Mobile versions of a casino, as well as the best gaming applications are available for installation for any modern gadget. You can open your favorite free slots on PC browser or download an app on your device. In any case, you will get an excellent opportunity to play at any right time for you. Modern casino customers choose the best video slots and games. They fight in Penny free slots and video Poker in free mode, increasing their skill level, and then return to a game and make real bets.

On December 2020, the top free casino slots are:

  • Free slots such as Secretofthestones;
  • Agent Jane Blonde;
  • Game of thrones;
  • Raging Rhino;
  • Mermaid Millions.

People choose an online casino because it is really convenient and affordable entertainment that any user can get. You can fight free online slots at any time and any place you prefer.

No money slots offline for mobile

Online machines no money are a favorite activity of gambling people worldwide. Virtual clubs of our days are constantly improving and expanding the range of video games. Today you can play not only full-format versions of the casino, but also mobile games.

Mobile casino is an innovative technology that brings the best games to play on the go. Today, all the leading software providers release mobile applications with free slots games offline, because this is what the gaming audience is waiting for. Pros of the offline games for mobile are:

  1. Great startup speed;
  2. Versatility and adaptability for any gadgets;/li>
  3. High level of security;
  4. Availability of the demo mode.

You can download a video slot to your device and play it even without an Internet connection. For iOS or Android users, all the best versions of gaming apps are available in 2020. These mobile platforms were developed using basic HTML5, a software specification that ensures games are played instantly in browsers or can be installed on a device for offline playing mode.

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Free Blackjack – an amazing entertainment with no charges and risks

All variants of shareware hazardous entertainments are always of a great request and popularity among gamblers society. And free Blackjack isn’t an exception to the rules. Online casinos are specified more on real money table games, but some well-advanced sources offer variants, which are out of charge. It’s natural that Blackjack online free type can be met at the most of the casinos. Players can try own skills at European, Vegas Strip, Perfect Pairs, Free Bet game and some others. And in spite of having practically the same structure, each mentioned variant has some unique features.

free blackjack

Free bet Blackjack – the essence and the main features

Free bet Blackjack is quite a young type of the game, established in 2012. Of course, the basic rules are the same as other variants of the entertainment have. And there’s no wonder and there are no reasons to break something that works well. So, the main peculiarities of this new game are mentioned below.

  • There are 6 decks are used in this type of free Blackjack.
  • A dealer takes a card when there are soft 17 points.
  • Blackjack is paid under the odds 3:2.
  • Double option is available on any of 2 cards, including the situation after the split is made.
  • Re-split of any card (including Aces) is permitted.
  • Surrender isn’t available.
  • ”Free” double options are available, if a player has 9, 10 or 11 points on the hand. // When a gambler makes a free double, a special button is set against the bet, and an additional card is dealt. If a player doesn’t succeed, only the first bet is lost. If there’s a draw, the starting bet is returned. And if a gambler wins, the starting bet together with 2 other bets are received.
  • ”Regular doubles” can be used at any other score.
  • Free splits are permitted only if there’s not a pair of 10s. If a player makes a split, the starting bet is put on the first hand, while the second hand is posted by a button. Every hand is played separately. In such a case, each of two hands can be doubled for free, if the summary of the points is 9, 10 or 11.
  • If a dealer collects 22 points, all other hands with no bust are deemed to be draw ones (not winning ones as it is in a regular Blackjack).
free blackjack casino

As it can be seen, the main advantages of this type of Blackjack is an opportunity to split and double for free. Another attractive feature is that standard Blackjack has a house edge at the rate of 1,15 %, while free bet type of the entertainment is “supported” by casinos only by 1,04 % of house edge. At the same time, players should remember that, while choosing free bet game, they give a chance to a dealer not to play away when there are 22 points on the hand.

Free Blackjack video games with no download requirements

As it was mentioned before, many gambling sites offer free Blackjack in this or that variety of the game. The most popular types of this exciting entertainment are: European, Vegas Strip, Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Perfect Pairs, Free Bets Blackjack and some others. Well, below are the gambling sources with different varieties of the game in their libraries.

  • Redstag Casino offers Classic Blackjack, Vegas Single Deck variant, Atlantic city game and some other free Blackjack “categories”/
  • Ignition Casino welcomes every fan of Blackjack with such types as: Classic, Perfect Pairs, Single Deck and so forth.
  • Fair Go Casino contains all popular variants of Blackjack, which can be played absolutely for free.
  • MAX Casino is one of few online casinos, which mostly target the followers of Blackjack. That’s why all more or less popular types of the game are represented at this quite a new gambling source.

There are many interesting places, where it’s possible to play Blackjack for free. It’s just a matter of taste and preferences. But, in any case, there won’t be any issues to find a favorite game floating around the Internet.

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Craps table as a fun pastime for Canadians

The first information about this exciting game appeared in the days of Ancient Egypt, when the high society of those ancient times loved to spend all their free time playing it. Today Craps is well known among a large Canadian gaming audience, has somewhat complex at first glance rules and is available to local players both in land-based traditional gambling establishments and on the pages of thematic sites.

Before how to run a dice, Craps table fans should know that the entertainment consists of several parts and has a huge number of bets, where, in addition to the main ones, it is allowed to make many additional ones, such as All Small (you need to guess five small numbers 2,3,4,5,6 in front of seven). Experts recommend that all beginners first try their hand at the free mode, which allows you to understand all the intricacies of the game without extra financial costs.

Here, the game requires a special large elongated table with rounded corners and high sides, which can simultaneously accommodate up to 24 people. For bets, a central field and basic fields are provided. Also, two cubes with 6 faces are used, on each of which there are dots denoting certain numbers.

Learn the rules of the Craps table game in five minutes

Every Canadian who gets the thrill of the Craps table game wants to quickly understand how to run a fun and noisy game, learn how to confidently play the main bets and complement them with All Small in each of the specific parts of the entertainment. Here’s a guide that will help you master the rules in just a few minutes:

  1. First, local players must always remember that the Craps table game takes place in several stages (Come Out Roll and Point Roll). During the Come Out Roll, the player is allowed to place bets on the Pass Line (wins when the amount of points is 7 or 11), as well as Don’t Pass Line (2,3 or 12).
  2. In the event that any other sum of numbers appears on the game table on two dice, the Point is automatically determined and the next stage of entertainment (Point Roll) begins. During this part of the game, participants can bet Call (Total Points 7 or 11), Don’t Call, Odds, Win and Lose, Hard Ways (for example, two 4, two 6, and so on), Big Six and Big Eight. The listed betting options have a long-term perspective and the number of throws is practically unlimited here.
  3. For each round of the Point Roll stage, it is also allowed to place a number of side bets, such as All Small (2,3,4,5,6 in front of 7), place chips on the Field (2,3,4,9,10,11 and 12 ), Split (6 and 8), Any Craps (2,3 or 12), Any Seven, Eleven and Craps Twelve.
craps table

Each of the listed winning bets provides the players with the corresponding rewards, which are calculated according to the paytable.

Professional tips for beginners to win Craps

Any Canadian today would like to try their luck at the real Craps table to get a taste of victory after bets have been played. To do this, they should be guided by the following tips from experts:

  • All newcomers from Canada should bets to Pass, Come (1.41% casino edge) and Odds (zero house edge);
  • The most optimal bets in Craps are Pass, Don’t pass, Come, Don’t come, Free odds, Place 6 and Place 8, since here the advantage of the gambling establishment is always less than 1.5%;
  • After mastering the basic bets, you should expand your own possibilities by applying additional betting options that will increase the chances of a successful result.

Local players should collect the won chips after each successful round, not use betting systems and ignore the dealer’s assorted advice on which bet is best to place.

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Craps strategy, what is it all about?

Craps is a game of a chance where every betting option has its own odds and therefore payouts. It means that a player has to choose the best, one out of twenty-two options that will hit the win. Alternatively, safe craps strategy has to be made when in a sequence of bets one becomes successful that recovers losses and fixes a certain winning amount of money. Therefore it means that the odds have to be known and the probability of getting the desired bet has to be calculated.

Checklist of strategies that re recommended by experienced gamblers

If the player is not experienced, it is recommended to play on chances with the two basic options “Pass the line” as well as “do not pass the line” bets. These are two basic bets that are paid 1:1. This craps strategy is not very complex in finding out how to win this game. It is roughly the same as black or white in the roulette with slightly different odds. So, playing the game with the approach of playing chances is the best and very simple way to get regular wins. People are advised to use one of the following strategies:

craps strategy
  1. Positive progression strategy, which also known as Paroli where after the loss the same amount is placed on the same bet and in the case of a win the amount is doubled until the actual win is fixed;
  2. Negative progression is also known as the Martingale strategy. It works the opposite way of positive progression and is perceived as more efficient. After the loss, the doubled amount is the bet in the same place. If win ids not fixed, players must repeat doubling of the last bet and so on;
  3. Fibonacci is the strategy when the next bet is greater than the previous one by two. Simply double before the win is hit and all losses are recovered;
  4. Labouchere is the same as Martingale but the payer has to wait for the sequence of outcomes. For example, there was 3 pass the line bet wins in a row or more (the player has to decide after what number of sequences to bet). Then, the probability of hitting doesn’t pass the line is higher than ever. So, use the Martingale strategy on that bet after the sequence of opposite outcomes.

For the rest of the bets casino craps strategy, players need to look at the odds. For instance, a bet on “Any 7” was not hit for the last five rounds. It has the odds of 5-1 and pays 4:1, so why not to risk and use Martingale strategy from this moment. The same applies to other bets depended on their odds and payouts.

Play craps in Canada with the best strategy

There are plenty of wonderful gambling resources in Canada that offer fantastic time whilst playing craps. The casinos offer marvelous bonuses and excellent terms and conditions. Players should stick with the following strategic approach whilst playing craps:

  • A goal must be preset;
  • A gambler has to decide what bankroll is prepared to be devoted;
  • Arrange how many turns player has to wait for using Martingale strategy and for what bet;
  • Get the odds and payouts for each bet ready;
  • Prepare the sequences numbers after which the player is prepared to use Martingale strategy;

If playing on chances, prepare to commit to a win-together approach because playing on chances with the person who rolls the dice is regarded as the best how to win craps strategy to play everywhere, including Canada.

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Craps rules for newbies

Long before the first virtual casino appeared, gambling people already knew about Craps. This dynamic and fun game has its own rules and strategies that are worth learning before you start a casino battle. Today, many virtual platforms offer customers this original entertainment. Online casino allows users to compete in Craps not only for money, but also in a test mode. But before you start the game, learn its rules and the odds that are presented here.

Craps rules

How to play Craps and what are the odds?

Any game in a modern casino, no matter how easy it may seem, always has its own set of rules. These main principles and strategies should be known to anyone who wants to achieve success in the round. Craps rules are not as complex as it may seem for dummies at first glance. Even if you are still new to the casino, you will only need a few minutes to master the tactics of this gambling entertainment.

In any game, there are also certain odds that show the probability of the gamer winning a round. There are such chances in an online Craps as well. You can find out about these coefficients on virtual gaming portals. These can be tables that contain all the possible combinations of a gambling match, as well as the odds of getting a particular result.

To learn how to play Craps, remember the basic Craps rules. At the beginning of the round, players choose a shooter who will roll the dice. If this is a virtual game, the shooter is an automatic dealer of an online casino. Craps is played with two dice, the faces of which are numbered from 1 to 6. The key point in this game is bets. Gameplay in online Craps goes depending on the amount of money that is dropped on the dice. The main bets in Craps are Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line. The chances of winning in Craps are higher than in Roulette. The casino commission in case of a player winning in Craps is lower than in Roulette.

Craps rules and odds can be briefly described as follows:

  • If you bet the Pass line or Come, according to Craps rules, the casino advantage is equal to 1,414%;
  • Don’t Pass Line gives to a casino 1.402% of advantage;
  • Six and eight have a 5/6 probability, a 5/6 payout, and 4% of house advantage;
  • Four or 10 have a 2/1 probability and a 2/1 payout, the house advantage is 4.76%;
  • 3 or 2 give to house an advantage – 4.76%.

Online Craps odds are indicators of what advantage the casino has in the game and what are the gamer’s chances of getting a bankroll. By comparing the true odds of a bet in a round with the final payout, the casino client can see the probability of winning.

Instructions for online Craps

A few useful tips will help you to decide on the best Craps rules strategy. Try to practice the recommendations that are given in the instructions below.

Short, but incredibly effective instructions for a successful Craps round:

  1. If you immediately decided to play Craps for money, then calculate your budget before the game starts. This will protect you from unnecessary financial losses;
  2. Always choose a Craps rules strategy and stick to it. If you started playing aggressively, then keep playing this way;
  3. Before the start of a Craps match, make a decision about the size of each your bet;
  4. Professional Craps players claim that in this game it only makes sense to raise the bet, not lower it.
Craps rules game

Virtual Craps is now available at many casino sites. Therefore, a lot of strategies have already been developed for this wonderful game. Some of them are very effective. You can’t become a brilliant and successful player if you bet at random. You need a good strategy and the ability to use it.

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Blackjack rules for Canadian gamers and basic steps of winning 21

Blackjack is one of the most popularized entertainments among all games that can be found in casinos. It is also known under the name “21”. Blackjack’s unique feature is that no matter how many gamers participate in one game at one table, the whole competition happens solely between two sides – the side of the gamer and the side of the casino representative.

blackjack rules online

Canadian gamers know a lot of various online versions of blackjack that differ in the quantity of used decks from one to eight or in some specifics such as extra card or soft 17. However, all existing variants still follow the same goal where the gamer needs to beat the casino representative by:

  1. obtaining a hand that is estimated more than the hand of the casino representative;
  2. obtaining a hand that is estimated 21 to beat any hand of the casino representative except the same one;
  3. getting the situation where the hand of the casino representative is estimated more than 21.
  4. all participants decide their bets within the table limits and place virtual chips on the appropriate circles;
  5. then all gamers obtain two revealed cards, and the casino representative places one revealed and one concealed card in front of him;
  6. the turn goes to participants and they evaluate their chances considering the known card of the casino representative and proceed with a particular move;
  7. the casino representative opens his cards and also makes his move according to blackjack rules in this casino;
  8. all cards are evaluated – a 2-10 get points as their nominal, faces get 10 points, an ace gets 10 or 1; and sums are compared.
  9. Stand – the gamer decides to do nothing and the turn goes to the next participant or to the casino representative;
  10. Hit – the gamer decides to claim an extra card from the casino representative; he can ask for an extra card as many times as he wants until he becomes satisfied with his combo or busts over 21;
  11. Double Down – the gamer decides to increase his wager if he likes the combo on his hand; there can be different conditions for such a move: the gamer can obtain another card or he needs to have only a particular total for it or the move can be done anyway;
  12. Split Pairs – the gamer decides to detach his card combo in two combos if he gets two cards of one value;
  13. Surrender – the gamer decides to stop the round and obtain only half of his wager back.
blackjack rules